Responsive Website Frontend Developer

Beautifully crafted web design & layout that responds to any device platform, screen sizes & orientation for a perfect user experience & ease of use so you can promote your business more effectively through attractive, intelligent & fully-responsive web design employing the latest reponsive web development technologies like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular.js & jQuery.

Me as a frontend developer

Professional PHP5 Developer

Solid foundations on Object-Oriented Programming(OOP) using the most advanced PHP5 frameworks available today such as Laravel, Zend Framework & Codeigniter to build highly-advanced dynamic websites.

Rapid database-driven integration to mySQL5 using utilizing the powerful Doctrine ORM & and PHP5 Active Record classes built into leading PHP5 frameworks for ultra-fast data processing & database integration.

Credentials as PHP5 developer

Extensive Client Base

Boasting an elite line of world-class clientelles & employer companies such as technology giant, Google via Google Ventures &, and Japan's leading internet portal, Excite.JP, and other world-renowned companies and contractors from Canada, Australia, Japan, Singapore, China and the United States.

List of clients & projects

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) in PHP5: Class Properties

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Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3

On this article we will be learning how to create a simple web design that renders neatly across desktop and mobile device displays by employing some common and simple principles of responsive web design using HTML5 and CSS3.

SEO: Should We Let Search Engines Crawl CSS, JS and Less Files?

Google's new SEO algorithms puzzle the SEO community and the dilemma of whether we should allow search engines, particularly Google, to crawl our website's static files such as stylesheets (CSS) and javascript (js) files. Should we? Read about it on this article.